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Nintendo @ E3 2018 IMPRESSIONS

Now that E3 is wrapped up, it’s time for my impressions of what Nintendo brought to the table this year! I was going to write this after day one ended, but I got a little busy and wanted to wait until the show was over in case they had any last-minute announcements. Anyway, onto my thoughts!

Nintendo Direct

DAEMON X MACHINA: Starting off with something that I have no idea what it is. Is it a new IP, a popular company’s new game, or what is this? Is it made by Nintendo? Is it exclusive? I have no clue! The artstyle looks kinda cool, but beyond that it seems to be another JRPG thing so I’ll probably skip it. Pretty bad opener to the Direct honestly, because I imagine most people didn’t know what it was like me.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country: And wow, we’re already 0/2. Xenoblade just doesn’t interest me at all, and DLC for a niche game isn’t something Nintendo should really be flaunting in their once-a-year blowout event.

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!: Just a quick reminder, but the game looks awesome! I love that they’re simplifying the series, because that’s exactly what it needed after Ultra Sun and Moon. The graphics look really nice, the gameplay looks fun, and I can’t wait to pick it up! The only thing that irks me is that motion controls are mandatory to catch Pokemon from what I’ve heard, which is really lame. How does that work in handheld mode? But either way, still looks like a great Pokemon game! I’m not sure if I’ll get the Pokeball Plus though, because it’s $50 for use in practically only one game. But, if I saw someone take that thing to a Smash tournament and win that’d be fuckin’ dope.

Super Mario Party: HERE WE GO! We finally got an awesome new announcement! Super Mario Party looks like they’re FINALLY snapping out of it by ditching the car and going back to the series’ original gameplay, which is all I could’ve ever asked for in a new Mario Party game! The minigames look fun, the graphics look crisp, and there seems to be a shitload of playable characters! I’ll definitely be buying this day one! Woo!

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Back down to the trenches we go… nah I’m kidding. I don’t care about the Fire Emblem series, but it’s good to see another tenpole Nintendo IP making its way onto the Switch. Now only if a few more series would follow suit… *COUGH*pikmin*COUGH*animalcrossing*COUGH*cough*

Fortnite: Yo bois we droppin’ on the eShop! It’s nice to see a popular game on the Switch, and it’s free so that’s cool. And since it was free I downloaded it and gave it a fare shake for about an hour or so. But, just as I suspected, this game sucks MAJOR ass. The building mechanic is so stupid, the controls are unintuitive, and I felt extremely degraded after an eight year old on their uncle’s iPad shot and teabagged me in the first minutes of my first match because the controls were so horse shit. If you like the game that’s great, but maaaaaaan it was worse than I thought and I thought it would be ABYSMAL.

Overcooked 2: Woah this looks awesome! I just barely picked up the first game, and that one is a lot of fun so I imagine the sequel is as well! I’ll be grabbing this for sure. I love this cooking genre of video games so much.

Killer Queen Black: It just looks like another basic indie pixel-art game, so I’ll pass.

Hollow Knight: Even though it’s hand-drawn, the same mentality applies that I just said for Killer Queen Black.

Octopath Traveler: Not my cup of tea as I’ve said many times.

2018 Software Lineup: Ok, to make this fun I’ll try to say what I think about each game in five words or less. Let’s go!
Starlink– Starfox? Semi intrigued.
Arena of Valor– Hecca lame lookin’.
Minecraft– It ain’t there already?
Sushi Striker– To weeby. Too expensive.
Mario + Rabbids DK DLC– Looks nice, but I’ll pass.
Pixark– Didn’t they show Minecraft already?
Just Dance 2019– Inevitable.
DragonBall FighterZ– Amazing animation, but nah.
Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion– More on this later!
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker– Good port, but no hype.
Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy– Yup. It’s still comin’.
Ninjala– No idea. No interest.
Carcassonne– Ditto.
FIFA 18– Huh, ok. Nah.
ARK– Ooh, mammoth. But what?
Wasteland 2 DX– Zzzzzzzz…
Paladins– Bootleg Overwatch lookin’ boring.
Fallout Shelter– Nuclear Tiny Tower? Hm.
Dark Souls Remastered– They forgot to add color.
SNK Heroines– Hey. Boobs. Ok. But no.
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate– Big, but not for me.
Wolfenstein II– I don’t care for Nazis. (and you can quote me on that)
The World Ends With You– Old DS JRPG game? Skip.
Magaman 11– Finally, one I’ll actually get!
Mario Tennis Aces– Thanks for breezing over this, Nintendo… FUCK I BROKE MY RULE AND WENT A WORD OVER ON THE LAST GAME! SHIT!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Zoo wee mama do I have a lot to cover with this game. It took up 59% of the entire Direct for God’s sake! There is wayyyyyy too much to go over here, but I’ll just say some general things I like about what they showed. For starters, it’s so awesome to see that everyone is back! Snake, Ice Climbers, Pokemon Trainer, and even goddamn Pichu are back, making this truly the ultimate version on Smash. Both of the new characters look amazing, and I’ll probably end up maining Inkling along with my other favorite characters! Ridley also looks super cool, and he’s the perfect size! And the idea of Echo Fighters is also great, even if the new one we got is one of my least favorite Mario characters, Daisy (but hey, at least I can beat her up now >:]).The updated graphics and lighting look awesome, the new music we heard was amazing, and all of the little tweaks they made to every character are so cool! A few of my favorite tweaks are the visual overhauls made to every Zelda character (especially to Zelda herself), Mario’s new alt costumes, Toad being more prominent in Peach’s moves, Ness & Lucas’ updated final smashes with their team members, female Pokemon trainer, Mr. Game & Watch’s updated looks, and a countless amount of other things! The stage selection also looks spectacular with so many of the good old stages returning, and the two new ones they showed looked like a lot of fun, especially the Great Plateau Tower! The new assist trophies, Pokemon, and items also look like great additions, especially Bomberman, the Squid Sisters, and the MOTHER. FUCKING. BURROWING. SNAGRET. YES!!!!!!!!!
But, even though Smash Ultimate looks like the most hype game of all time, I think they spent too long on this game and got a liiiiittle too nitty-gritty with all of the minute details they talked about. I feel like they would have been better off with a separate Smash Direct to go over some of this stuff, or maybe save it for a new series of pictures of the day like they did for Smash 4. Like, did we really need Sakurai to tell us about ROB’s chassis gauge, Bayonetta’s different bullet sounds, or 1v1 damage ratios during the biggest gaming show of the year? I mean as a Smash fanatic I ate that shit up, but I imagine it must’ve been a little too technical for the mass media. I’m saying I liked it, but looking at it as an E3 showing it was a little excessive.
But, that was just the Direct- onto the other stuff!

Splatoon 2 World Tournament
I’m gonna level with you all- I hate watching other people play Splatoon. I love the series, but there’s something about it that is difficult for me to stand back and idly watch. I’m a real backseat Splatooner and I can’t stand seeing people do stupid stuff (even though they’re pros and the stuff I do is probably stupid to them).
But I tuned it after the tournament ended just in time for a few cool announcements! They announced that the Octo Expansion would release the very next day, a new 3-pack of Octoling amiibo coming later this year, and also that they will continue free updates until this December, which goes beyond what they initially planned! I love Splatoon 2 so I slurped all of this news up and am pumped for all of it, especially the amiibo- they look nice.

Super Smash Bros. Invitational
We got to see some more Smash Ultimate gameplay in a professional setting, and man this game looks great! Seeing Ridley and Inkling in action was awesome, and the new stages were also cool. The final matches were also pretty intense, and ZeRo won just as I predicted! But even though this Invitational was awesome, I feel like they should’ve announced another character at this to raise the hype just that much more. I know Sakurai said to not expect too many newcomers, but I’m sure there are a few more in Smash Ultimate he could’ve announced. I’m guessing that there are 3-5 more newcomers in the base game with possible DLC down the line, so they could have pulled one out for the live audience. But maybe they have a plan to spread out their announcements to maintain hype, and announcing one here didn’t fit, so whatever. I’m sure they have it under control.

Nintendo Treehouse Live
Nintendo did what they usually do and host 3 days of livestreams to show off their latest games. This time around I didn’t watch very much of it, mostly just the Smash sections. This year they also didn’t announce as much, but we did get our first look and the Inking and Ridley amiibo for Smash Ultimate, and they both look amazing! I’ll definitely be copping both of them whenever they come out, and now that we know a whole new Smash line isn’t coming out, I might try to go back and complete the Smash amiibo line… that’d be awesome.

So on the whole Nintendo might have had the most hype announcement of all time with Smash Bros Ultimate, but they relied on it to carry their show a bit too much. Everything they had was great, but they really only announced 3-4 new games (I still don’t know if that mech game is new), and I think a lot of people were expecting a little more. Just the addition of one more announcement, like a Pikmin 4 or Animal Crossing Switch or Super Mario Odyssey DLC would’ve put them over the edge and made for a great show, but it was just missing that little ‘something.’ The tournaments they hosted were fun, but the Treehouse was a little lackluster too. So even though I hate to do this, I’m giving Nintendo’s 2018 E3 a B-. However, I’m still optimistic that they have a lot of cool announcements down the pipeline, and that Smash Bros Ultimate will be one of the most hype game of all time.

Posted by Captain Luigi on 2018-06-15 17:18:21

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