ghostbusters costume

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ghostbusters costume

Halloween is a BOOtefull excuse for throwing a party, and you don’t have to live in Transylvania to pull it off. All you need is some imagination plus a reasonable food and festivities budget.

Of course, it goes without saying that a Halloween party is a costume party. Anything less wouldn’t be Halloween.

You’ll get your best results if you pick a Halloween costume theme and then ask guests to come in the appropriate type of costume. You can choose famous Grade B movie ghouls, or characters from any of the teenage death movies that are always popular. Or, you can go back to the more traditional Halloween roots and have a Celtic theme. It’s your party so you get do decide.

Be sure to put the word out that that anyone arriving without a costume has to parade around in their underwear all night wearing a dunce cap. THAT ought to get everyone thinking about what they’re going to wear. Be sure to send your invitations out by the first week of October because Halloween is a major party season and you don’t want someone else’s party competing with yours.

Decorating Tips

If you want to go all out, follow the tips in our How to Create Your Own Haunted House article, or just build upon these great ideas:

o Decorate the main party room with artificial spider webs, or let the real ones build up all year long.

o Replace your normal light bulbs with colored ones. You can usually find orange bulbs in the home centers but you’ll almost surely find them in the party stores as Halloween approaches.

o Drape the traditional black and orange crêpe paper from the ceilings and door frames and hang up some of those fake spiders and bats for added effect.

o Cover the tables with black shower curtains or pick up some Halloween tablecloths while you’re out getting the light bulbs. Don’t forget to sprinkle the tables with Halloween party confetti and plastic cockroaches.

o If you can find some of those life-like fake rats, grab a few and put them in wonderful places like inside the refrigerator. Put one in your bathroom medicine cabinet and when you hear screams you’ll know that you’ve caught a snooper.

o Carve a big jack-o-lantern as a centerpiece. Black flowers (real or artificial) look great in black cat vases.

o Follow our tips in the our How to Create Your Own Scary Sound Effects
and Halloween Sound Track article, or cheat and just go buy one. Either way, make sure that you’re spinnin’ some gruesome tunes when your guests arrive.

Food Tips

Snack foods go well with Halloween parties. People aren’t expecting a sit-down meal, but you should have more available than chips and dips. Buffalo wings are always a hit and, if you want to be dull and boring, you can always order pizza. But why not make some scary looking Halloween specialties that have the look that screams Halloween? I’m no cook, so I’m going to leave this part to the experts.

Entertainment Ideas

Scary soundtracks will only get you so far, so make sure that you have a good mix of party and dancing music available. Get copies of some of the Halloween classics like Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, which is the classic Halloween organ music. You’ll recognize it as soon as you hear it. Monster Mash, Pumpkin Head Harvey, Somethin’ in the Swamp, In Salem Town, and, of course, Ghostbusters are fun to mix in during the evening.

Have a costume judging event with plenty of prizes. Winning categories can include: Best Costume, Worst Costume, Scariest, Sexiest, and Nicest Underwear (male and female) for those who arrived sans costume.

Remember this one rule when throwing a Halloween Party: There are No Rules, so enjoy!

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