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halloween dress

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If you’re like me, you have wasted the last 2 months thinking about what you’re going to be for Halloween without actually deciding and acting on any one idea.

Halloween is coming up quickly and you still have no idea what you’re going to be. You don’t have the time to create the superb costume you had brewing in your mind for the last couple months, but you still want to dress to impress.

Below you’ll find 8 quick and easy costume ideas that are guaranteed to be a success this Halloween.

Costume Idea #1:

Kimbo Slice. A Kimbo Slice costume is easy to put together, all you need is a giant fake beard, some jewellery, and a white tank top that reads overrated. You’ll be a “hit” at any Halloween party.

Costume Idea #2:

A ghost dressed as a ghost. The whole ghost costume is played out, but you can reinvent it using two bed sheets instead of one. Cut eye holes in two sets of sheets and draw a mouth and nose on both, put them both on, tie a rope around your waist to keep the costume on and when people ask tell them you are a ghost dressed as a ghost.

Costume Idea #3:

Facebook profile. All you need for this costume is a giant piece of cardboard and some felt pens. Cut a hole in the top left corner of the cardboard, that’s the profile picture section, then log into Facebook and copy how your main profile page looks. This one will win you costume contests.

Costume Idea #4:

A television set. Like the Facebook profile, this costume needs only cardboard and felt pens, but this one is much easier to make. Cut a hole, color the cardboard, you can even go the extra mile and add some dials or knobs and an antenna. Dress up like a newscaster, a sports star, or anything really. Just be sure to stay in character all night. You’ll earn brownie points for having different outfits for when people want to change the channel.

Costume Idea #5:

Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. Grab a blonde wig, some tight jeans, a pair of high tops, and an 80’s sweater. Everything you need can be found at a local thrift store and when you put them all together, you have the perfect Zack Morris for under $20.

Costume Idea #6a:

A monster dressed as a human. A simple twist on the old “I’m dressed as a person” costume trick. You can put on some fake claws or something, then tell them underneath this costume is a killer monster.

Costume Idea #6b:

That guy. You can always dress up as “that guy.” The guy who always shows up without a costume but claims to be dressed as himself, the guy who doesn’t feel like taking 20 minutes out of his busy schedule once a year to come up with something entertaining. The best part of this costume is the number of guys who will be costume-less wherever you are, so when people ask what you are, just point and say “that guy!”

Costume Idea #6c:

You from x-amount of years ago. Find some old clothes of yours that are x-amount of years old and put them on, this costume idea is simple and hilarious when done right. Try to find the oldest clothes you can just fit into, or look for an old school photo and see if you can find the clothes from the picture. If you decide to go with the school photo option, it’s a good idea to put the photo in your wallet for reference.

The only limit to what type of costume you can put together at the last minute is imagination. I hope the above list has offered you something to work with this year, or has helped you come up with something even better.

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